New Music Video: KiD CuDi

27 01 2010

Mr. Cudder came out with a new video “cudder-is-back”.

What does this video say about Cudi and his music? We find within the first few moments Scotts relief that a friend shows up with some Mary Jane. An extended hug and invitation is received by the unknown Wise Man bearing gifts. It seems to the viewer Scott has a new found happiness with Mary Jane in his hands. Is his happiness dependent on the magical product? I believe so. Laughing and joking, Scott sits alone, singing his own song, not only self-absorbed but absorbed in the ‘blunt’ he is about to roll. The Fish eye lens used allows for an extended picture to capture his acquaintances, a word I use purposely. What if they didn’t bring weed? Would he be equally as happy? Scott is back, but what if Mary Jane didn’t come with? The video leaves a salty taste of unfulfilled, plastic happiness in my mouth.

On the up side? The video is completely non subjective of the lyrical content. His music is creative and induces unique imagery for each listener. Videos for music like Scott’s can completely change the mental image the listener has, and then changing how the listener interprets the lyrics. As a reader, and a writer, I know that what the audience brings to the table is where true creativity thrives in any medium. His video accomplishes a visual stimulus that fits well with Scott’s lifestyle, and the song itself, without being subjective, or forcing imagery on the viewer. Besides the false emotional solace, Scott has found a humorous, catchy and appealing video to say, “Listen, Cudi is back.”





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