Obamas Goals

28 01 2010

Early yesterday morning the Associated Press released an article updating the current goal of president Obama. His goal? “Get the economy, the confidence of voters and his own presidency on surer footing.” –AP In light of the most controversial of political agendas it seems Obama’s new goals are self-centered and comprised solely to secure a seat in office for the subsequent four year term. Can he be blamed?

Of course not. The national media and public opinion are the only underlying factors that can be blamed for an unfocused set of goals. Gay marriage? ‘don’t ask don’t tell’? Cut and run? National Security? Healthcare? With issues such as these topping the list of Obama’s agenda, why should we, the public, we, the media, scrutinize the success at which he is taking care of the nations top issues. The only effects of taking such a hard scolding, is President Obama’s fascination with public opinion, when in actuality, our opinion only goes so far. We can shout and blog, silently attacking the inner moral of the poster child for our nations turn around, but, what does that help? What solutions does one blogger, one Journalist, one outspoken activist, gain when throwing Political and social hardballs?

The truth is we gain apologies, sympathy, a false sense of understanding. We gain a powerful man bending to the knees of a populous bent on scrutiny and attack, rather than patience and solace. For every word Obama speaks concerning the public opinion, or responding to dwindling supporters, he could be adding and completing new goals, passing legislation, doing his job. He is only one man, doing so much in an attempt to correct the wrongs of a president we once slung arrows of hate and disdain upon. The nation as a whole needs to be more optimistic, less pessimistic, and stop being the monkey on his back, because patient people like myself, are tired of wasting our time reading about Obama’s new goals to qualm your antagonistic behavior.





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