What exactly is ASR? Who is behind ASR? We know you have questions. Here are your answers.

ASR, (A Systematic Review), has absolutely nothing to do with medical research or reviews, contrary to its definition. ASR, to me, is a place where anything is possible. We are an open minded, free thinking organization dedicated to slapping our opinion on everything the world has to offer. Styrofoam cups, cigarettes, cameras, computers, music, videos, memes, potato chips, you name it, it exists, and it needs our opinion. Visit us for fun, visit us for fact, either way, we want you to know what there is to know about anything.

Often our reviews will be comical, satirical, but many times serious. What are our goals here at ASR? “If it exists, we want to review it.” That’s our goal, to review everything, anything, all of it. Impossible? With that mindset, nothing is possible, but here at ASR, anything is possible. Make a suggestion, read a review, but most of all, notice the small things in day to day life.



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