J.D Salinger

28 01 2010

So despite a few planned reviews, If you’re in any kind of know, you can assume what this article is about.

Salinger has influenced Authors, writers, teenagers, teeny-boppers and everyone in between. He is Respected, Applauded and Revered by all who know his name.

He is off to a better place, for sure. Where that place may be, or if it even exists, no one knows, but i don’t think he cares.

Here at ASR, we’d like to thank you, Mr. Salinger, for the copious amount of influential literature you have bestowed on readers, young and old. We’d like to thank you for the inspiration we all have knowingly received from your published work, and work still to come.

Let us not forget Holden Caufield, and the ‘Catcher in the Rye’. Let us never forget the mind behind such prolific work.

J.D Salinger, you will be missed.