Lil Wayne – Rebirth

1 02 2010

Lil Wayne is a huge name in the music business. Ever since he released his hit single “Lollipop” he has been on everyone else’s music from friends Birdman and Kevin Rudolf to Lil Jon, Usher and Beyonce, and has sold over a million copies of his last album “Tha Carter 3”. And now, on the eve of it’s release, I bring you a review of his latest album, “Rebirth”.

Rebirth is a rock album, by the simple definition of having drums, guitar and bass. However, that is as far as we can bring it into the rock genre. His vocals are auto-tuned on nearly every track, and he has traded in his rapping for singing. While this might sound new experimental and interesting, it is far from it. His guitar playing is very simple and the lyrics stand strong to his older lyrics; meaning they make little to no sense. A lot of people may not like this album since it is a lot different than “Tha Carter 3”, but let me tell you firsthand, it grows on you a lot. Several of the songs are very catchy and the beats can be very good. However, the songs are either hit or miss, there is no in between. The guest spots on this album are mostly members of his Young Money label, but their are a few really good ones, such as Cool and Dre, Kevin Rudolf and Eminem. Gudda Gudda, Shanell, Nicki Manaj and Tyga (All on Young Money) are there as well, but the only good spots there are Nicki and Tyga. The highlights of the album (Being the good songs) are as follows: Prom Queen, On Fire, Drop The World, Ground Zero, One Way Trip, Ready For The World and Hot Revolver. The others? Give them a try if you want, you might enjoy them. One song you do need to avoid at all costs though is the intro song, American Star, as it is extremely bad and an embarrassment to the rest of the album. All in all, I give the album a 6 out 10. A good try, but too much bad to be a really good album, especially when there are really only 7 good songs off of a 21 song album. Nice try Weezy, but stick to your roots, that’s where you shine.

Advertisements Home Page

30 01 2010

The Bamboozle 2010’s homepage is quite possibly one of the most unattractive, hideous and disgusting thing I have ever seen. It has the dates and places up on a chalkboard. However, the most appalling thing of it all is the “just announced” performers. For Bamboozle West we have Circa Survive and Story Of The Year and for Bamboozle East we have Drake and Ke$ha. If I were a fan having not seen the rest of the announced before this, I would be very keen to AVOID this show ata all costs. It is just bad advertising and promotion, and you can’t have that for an event of this scale for the price it takes to have it. If I were them, I would fix this situation immediately. But hey, if they don’t at least you have something to laugh at.


American Idol is caught with their ‘Pants on the Ground’

29 01 2010

General Larry Platt, ladies and gentleman. A soon to be internet superstar, for his smash hit on a recent American Idol episode, ‘Pants on the Ground’. While wacky and flavorable, this song lacks some serious lyrical merit along with personal dignity. Larry Platt, who calls himself, “General”, Larry Platt, is a 62 year old man from Atlanta, Georgia; battling for a spot on Americas dwindling hit show. Dwindling? The majority of American Idol ratings are received during the first week of auditions and is often spoken as , “The only part I bother to watch…”. Why has American Idol gone down hill?

Self-respect. No self respecting organization bent on the progression of modern pop stars and pop icons can possibly claim a torch of high regard when General Larry is prancing around with his pants on the ground. His boxers are showing, and they have Simon Cowells face all over them. With falling ratings, it seems to me, the viewer, that they are reaching into the wrong cookie jar to give me a treat. Show me Susan Boyle, show me underdogs and beauty queens with tits and a voice. That’s what america wants isn’t it? Apparently not.

Between William Hung and Larry Platt and a slew of otehr miserable hopefuls, American Idol is cashing in the checks of the ignornat and deranged just to deny them on technicalities in an attempt to save them the embarassment. Larry Platt was turned away on an ‘age issue’. He’s not OLD Simon, he can’t sing, nor can he write lyrics. (which according to Yahoo! News, could have been Plagiarized) If you’re going to sell dysfunctional at least own up to it, tell them they’re ridiculous so they can stop trying to become something they are not nor will ever be. The question remains, with “Millions” of digital, call logged, voters, can American Idol stand the test of time? More importantly, can American Idol keep from drowning themselves in their own bounced checks? We will see Cowell, we will see…

New Music Video: KiD CuDi

27 01 2010

Mr. Cudder came out with a new video “cudder-is-back”.

What does this video say about Cudi and his music? We find within the first few moments Scotts relief that a friend shows up with some Mary Jane. An extended hug and invitation is received by the unknown Wise Man bearing gifts. It seems to the viewer Scott has a new found happiness with Mary Jane in his hands. Is his happiness dependent on the magical product? I believe so. Laughing and joking, Scott sits alone, singing his own song, not only self-absorbed but absorbed in the ‘blunt’ he is about to roll. The Fish eye lens used allows for an extended picture to capture his acquaintances, a word I use purposely. What if they didn’t bring weed? Would he be equally as happy? Scott is back, but what if Mary Jane didn’t come with? The video leaves a salty taste of unfulfilled, plastic happiness in my mouth.

On the up side? The video is completely non subjective of the lyrical content. His music is creative and induces unique imagery for each listener. Videos for music like Scott’s can completely change the mental image the listener has, and then changing how the listener interprets the lyrics. As a reader, and a writer, I know that what the audience brings to the table is where true creativity thrives in any medium. His video accomplishes a visual stimulus that fits well with Scott’s lifestyle, and the song itself, without being subjective, or forcing imagery on the viewer. Besides the false emotional solace, Scott has found a humorous, catchy and appealing video to say, “Listen, Cudi is back.”