Have an idea? Know a fishy product, sketchy website? We’ll review it. Just post a suggestion below, no object of your imagination is off limits, no lines can be crossed. Free your mind. What do you, the reader, want to know?


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27 01 2010

These comments really work!

27 01 2010
Brian Cadorette

Write a review on gas prices and obama….lol

28 01 2010
Brian Cadorette

i got some good topics for you….lol
1. the Taco Bell Drive-Thru diet
2. Uggs
3. Social Websites
4. Iraq

28 01 2010

Taco bell drive through diet will be done
Uggs, i can’t really wear them, but i’ll rant about them
I’ll cover myspace first, that’ll be hilarious
Iraq is old news, that sandy place can, go pound…sand

28 01 2010
Brian Cadorette

alright tough im tryna fuel you guys lol. who knows maybe you can make this something big

28 01 2010

our fans are always appreciated

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