WordPress For Blackberry

30 01 2010

I downloaded the WordPress app for my Blackberry Storm so that I could make posts on the go, being that my lifestyle always has me out and about. If you remember one thing about this app, let it be this; it sucks.

The WordPress App isĀ built for older versions of the Blackberry, such as the Pearl and the Curve. When I first booted it up, it asked me for my username and password, along with the URL of the blog I plan on using. Once all that information was in, I clicked submit (which was difficult to scroll through, as I don’t have a trackball) and…nothing. After a few tries, it finally went through, and what I found was a simple to use interface that was fairly unresponsive at times. It also was not compatible with any of the optional Storm keypads except for the T-9 version. Sorry WordPress, I’m not typing out an article in T-9. The only way for me to be able to use this app is to type up my post in notepad, and then cut and paste it into the app. While that doesn’t sound like much, it’s a big hassle when all I want to do is type something in and hit send.

There is an option to attach photos or videos to your post as well, but when I tried using it the image came out big and distorted or just plain didn’t show up at all. A word of advice, steer clear of this app until the bugs and glitches are fixed and it looks halfway decent. I think that WordPress needs to take a page out of Ubertwitter‘s book in how a client should look and function.




29 01 2010

Ubertwitter is a very simple to use Twitter Client for RIM’s Blackberry phones. It’s very light on memory, and its user interface is very easy to use. It displays a list of all of the people you are following and updates them all in real time. Tweeting is made very simple; with a click of a button you are tweeting instantly. It’s extremely simple to attach pictures and videos, all you have to do is go to the item, select it and click share on Ubertwitter. My favorite feature is this newly added ability; when you “@” someone, it comes up with a list of everyone you’re following, making it no longer necessary to memorize twitter usernames. I highly recommend this app to anyone with twitter and a blackberry. You will never want to use another twitter app again.