What the Fugg is up with Uggs?

28 01 2010

Uggs…Uggs. A brand of boot originally created for pilots in WWI. Ha, yeah, the boots my grandfather wore while mowing down human beings was the same boot that “Oh EM Geee” is wearing. Don’t assume I am bashing all wearers of Uggs as high-pitched high school girls, but it seems so many people are ignorant of the Uggs’ original intent.

The Ugg found its way into america via New Zealand and Australian surfers, not North Face, nor were they even meant for winter use. I see on a daily basis some blonde haired girl; (possibly brunette, usually dyed), running around with black tights (no pants), a black North Face jacket and Uggs. They don’t surf, they aren’t pilots, but that’s fine–As long as you can have some respect for Uggs’ original purpose. Rather, everyone wears them for the same unanimous reason, “They’re Comfortable!” Reader beware, they are the opposite. Despite the seemingly cozy innards, and high rising boot that massages your ankles as it rises, the Ugg will make you feel socially uncomfortable, and just plain weird. High top sneakers went out a long time ago, why haven’t simple minded girls realized that Uggs have long been out of style. Conceptually, Uggs will keep your feet warm in less then perfect environments. What if you’re caught in a snow storm? Your Uggs will get soaked, salted and white, and your north face jacket won’t keep your extremities from freezing off. Please, get a clue. I find slippers to be comfortable, also warm, but I don’t go outside looking like peter pan in bunny slippers to satisfy a trend.

How are they made? Oh, if the girl smacking her gum next to me in AP history knew the answer to this question…They’re made out of animal skin! Not the wool, or the hair, or this or that, skin, the material that keeps the muscles of Bo Peeps’ sheep from spilling on out. Sheep are skinned specifically to create this monstrosity, when many wearers themselves don’t agree with the process! “Pamela Anderson renounced ugg boots in 2007 upon realizing that they were made from animal skin” -Sarah Grant- Come on, a product that is so popular and revered, why doesn’t anyone do some research on it before falling victim to a pyramid scheme of trend and death. Too dramatic?

Know what is too dramatic? “I thought they were shaved kindly? People like to tell me all the time that I started that trend — yikes! Well let’s start a new one — do NOT buy Uggs! Buy Stella McCartney or juicy boots” – Pamela Anderson

‘Nough Said