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30 01 2010

The Bamboozle 2010’s homepage is quite possibly one of the most unattractive, hideous and disgusting thing I have ever seen. It has the dates and places up on a chalkboard. However, the mostĀ appallingĀ thing of it all is the “just announced” performers. For Bamboozle West we have Circa Survive and Story Of The Year and for Bamboozle East we have Drake and Ke$ha. If I were a fan having not seen the rest of the announced before this, I would be very keen to AVOID this show ata all costs. It is just bad advertising and promotion, and you can’t have that for an event of this scale for the price it takes to have it. If I were them, I would fix this situation immediately. But hey, if they don’t at least you have something to laugh at.