American Idol is caught with their ‘Pants on the Ground’

29 01 2010

General Larry Platt, ladies and gentleman. A soon to be internet superstar, for his smash hit on a recent American Idol episode, ‘Pants on the Ground’. While wacky and flavorable, this song lacks some serious lyrical merit along with personal dignity. Larry Platt, who calls himself, “General”, Larry Platt, is a 62 year old man from Atlanta, Georgia; battling for a spot on Americas dwindling hit show. Dwindling? The majority of American Idol ratings are received during the first week of auditions and is often spoken as , “The only part I bother to watch…”. Why has American Idol gone down hill?

Self-respect. No self respecting organization bent on the progression of modern pop stars and pop icons can possibly claim a torch of high regard when General Larry is prancing around with his pants on the ground. His boxers are showing, and they have Simon Cowells face all over them. With falling ratings, it seems to me, the viewer, that they are reaching into the wrong cookie jar to give me a treat. Show me Susan Boyle, show me underdogs and beauty queens with tits and a voice. That’s what america wants isn’t it? Apparently not.

Between William Hung and Larry Platt and a slew of otehr miserable hopefuls, American Idol is cashing in the checks of the ignornat and deranged just to deny them on technicalities in an attempt to save them the embarassment. Larry Platt was turned away on an ‘age issue’. He’s not OLD Simon, he can’t sing, nor can he write lyrics. (which according to Yahoo! News, could have been Plagiarized) If you’re going to sell dysfunctional at least own up to it, tell them they’re ridiculous so they can stop trying to become something they are not nor will ever be. The question remains, with “Millions” of digital, call logged, voters, can American Idol stand the test of time? More importantly, can American Idol keep from drowning themselves in their own bounced checks? We will see Cowell, we will see…


Comcast Digital Cable

27 01 2010

Comcast, Where to even begin with this company…

I have had my own place for about two months now, not my first, but my first in the U.S. Cable Television isn’t necessary, but internet is, and not just internet but fast internet. Now don’t get me wrong, this review isn’t over the internet, but you need to know that, if it was up to me? The cable television would have never entered my home. I was forced into the situation by the outrageous price per month if i were to buy a single service (such as internet or Telephone by themselves), and the significantly cheaper price if I paid for 2, or even 3 services per month. So, I bit. Don’t bite, hang up the phone, don’t even make the call to Comcast, Shaq and Ben Stein answer the phone anyway…

The price reduction for two services is the only acceptable reason I could have for purchasing Comcast’s Cable TV. What’s wrong with it? What isn’t wrong with it. Watching a certain segment of channels is near impossible due to the digital squares that appear randomly, over and over and when they surface to your TV screen? They take the sound with them. It’s similar to watching someone play Mario on a larger scale, and every time he jumps? The sound goes out. Goomba after Goomba, channel after channel, digital, square blocks take over the screen and suck the sound into digital hell.
The Solution? Call customer service and have them reset your Cable box. Does it work? Yes. Just long enough to get them off the phone with you and the theft of your money ensues with the click of your Mobile telephone. (Face it, you didn’t get the Triple Play option that includes a home phone, that’s just more problems.)

What should you do if you already have Comcast Television? CANCEL! Get on a horse and ride, ride, ride out of town, carry that lantern and warn the public that Comcast is coming. Don’t fall for the OnDemand, or be fearful of the Dish option. Call Comcast and cancel your service. When you’re done? You’ll get a follow up call where they try to get you, the already dissatisfied consumer, to pay monthly, for MORE products. That’s right, they’ll try to up you from a $70 Double play, to a $110 TRIPLE play. I asked the caller, “Why would I, only paying $70 and already unhappy, want to buy more of your lack luster products, for MORE money?” She actually laughed, multiple times, told me that she was happy to have me as a customer and as I pressed the power button on my TV for the last time until AT&T arrives, she told me to have a good day…but who can with shotty Television?