Lil Wayne – Rebirth

1 02 2010

Lil Wayne is a huge name in the music business. Ever since he released his hit single “Lollipop” he has been on everyone else’s music from friends Birdman and Kevin Rudolf to Lil Jon, Usher and Beyonce, and has sold over a million copies of his last album “Tha Carter 3”. And now, on the eve of it’s release, I bring you a review of his latest album, “Rebirth”.

Rebirth is a rock album, by the simple definition of having drums, guitar and bass. However, that is as far as we can bring it into the rock genre. His vocals are auto-tuned on nearly every track, and he has traded in his rapping for singing. While this might sound new experimental and interesting, it is far from it. His guitar playing is very simple and the lyrics stand strong to his older lyrics; meaning they make little to no sense. A lot of people may not like this album since it is a lot different than “Tha Carter 3”, but let me tell you firsthand, it grows on you a lot. Several of the songs are very catchy and the beats can be very good. However, the songs are either hit or miss, there is no in between. The guest spots on this album are mostly members of his Young Money label, but their are a few really good ones, such as Cool and Dre, Kevin Rudolf and Eminem. Gudda Gudda, Shanell, Nicki Manaj and Tyga (All on Young Money) are there as well, but the only good spots there are Nicki and Tyga. The highlights of the album (Being the good songs) are as follows: Prom Queen, On Fire, Drop The World, Ground Zero, One Way Trip, Ready For The World and Hot Revolver. The others? Give them a try if you want, you might enjoy them. One song you do need to avoid at all costs though is the intro song, American Star, as it is extremely bad and an embarrassment to the rest of the album. All in all, I give the album a 6 out 10. A good try, but too much bad to be a really good album, especially when there are really only 7 good songs off of a 21 song album. Nice try Weezy, but stick to your roots, that’s where you shine.